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Sunday Morning Bible Study

9:30am in the Sanctuary

Sunday Morning Worship Service

10:30am in the Sanctuary

Sunday Evening Worship Service

6:30pm in the Sanctuary

Tuesday Morning Intercessory Prayer!

9:30am in the Sanctuary

Wednesday Evening Worship Service

 7:00pm in the Sanctuary

6:30PM (See Calendar for movie of the week)

(Temporarily Canceled, resuming soon)

Friday Evening Christian Skill Training

6:30pm in the Sanctuary

Address: 706 East 4th Avenue Belton, Texas 76513

24-Hour Phone: (254) 939-8011​

Email: [email protected]

God's Blessings to Y'all!

Here you will find information concerning our church and its ministries. We hope you find your time spent here a blessing. 

Our church is a warm and loving church, and we want you to feel comfortable and at liberty to call on us for anything you need. Feel free to browse through the various areas of our website and learn about our fellowship.

If you are considering a new place of worship or a relocation to our area, we would love to have you be our guest.

When you visit our church, you will find:

  • A caring congregation that will gladly welcome you
  • Preaching/teaching that is centered on the Word of God
  • Ministries to meet the spiritual needs of every age

Our Beliefs

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Our Vision!

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Our Church!

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Our Staff

Pastors Roger and Joy Petty

Senior Pastors

Pastor Roger and Joy have been doing God's work since they opened New Life Fellowship over 30 years ago (1990). They believe in preaching God's word straight from the Bible and accepting no praise for themselves. They are here to build the Kingdom of God.

Praise and Worship Team

Hermes Mejia, Cassie Borgardts, Karen Hattemer-Scallions, Richard Mejia, Gary Christian, Faye Bishop, Cat Truelove, Joshua Mejia and lead by The Holy Spirit

Intercessory Prayer Team

Scharlene Walker, Karen Hattemer-Scallions, Jeannie Bergland, Julie Bergland, Catherine Fisher and lead by The Holy Spirit

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Children's Sunday School Teachers

Jeannie Bergland, Karen Hattemer-Scallions, and Patty Lewis


Gary Christian

Don and Betty Stoup

Kenneth Hill

Brenda Hill and Jean Michell

Treasurers and Administrators

Jean and Dustin Mitchell

Youth Pastors

Joshua and Richard Mejia

Technology Administrators

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Our Sister Church!

Elioenai Children Hope Orphanage

Orphanage/Church in Kampala, Uganda

Orphanage Director Mugambe Eric

ECHO Home Page

ECHO Crowdfunding Crusade

Believe Ministries Bible College

Associate of Agape Bible College

Accredited Bible College

Director Pastor James and Julie Wheeler of Believe Ministries Worship Center

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The Kirito Project

A Four Paws Ministry

A nonprofit organization to help those who are helping. We supply financial assistance to licensed Pet/Animal Rescues, Shelters, and Fosters.

Lead by Jean and Dustin Mitchell

"The righteous care for the needs of their [Fur Babies]"

Proverbs 12:10a NIV

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We are in need of a nursery worker!

Part-Time $10 per hour

Purpose and responsibilities: 

Provide dependable, safe, secure and nurturing care to the children while at church, ages 0 through 4 years old in a clean environment. Responsible for providing age-appropriate care which includes feeding, changing diapers, escorting children to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding children if needed, and sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer.


Experience in caring for children between the ages of 0 to 4 with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities.

Termination Policy: 

There will be a 90-day probationary period where either party may terminate without cause. Beyond this, two-week notice is expected.

To apply in person, please stop by New Life Fellowship in Belton, TX on Mondays between 10am and 2pm.

Our church address is 706 East 4th Avenue, Belton, Texas 76513

Friday January 6 @ 6:30pm in the Sanctuary

“The Way of the Master”

Sister Cathy Fisher is leading a class that is focused on teaching Christian Skills such as Discipleship or Evangelizing. The lesson beginning on January 6th, “The Way of the Master”, is focused on how to Evangelize. These lessons are very valuable in your Christian walk so see sister Cathy Fisher if you are interested in learning these skills. Sister Cathy needs to order books for the class so let her know if you will be attending the class.

Sunday December 25:

Church services will be canceled for Christmas day.

Food Pantry:

We need food for struggling families. Please bring food that you would enjoy eating. This includes, but not limited to, dry foods such as cereals, canned goods, and pickled pig’s feet; try to get items that have shelf lives of one to two years. Also, toiletries and other household items such as bleach and laundry detergent are needed.

Please see Jeannie Bergland if you have any questions


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Contact Us

Address: 706 East 4th Avenue Belton, Texas 76513

24-Hour Phone: (254) 939-8011​

Email: [email protected]

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